SPEC Industries has been providing the highest quality pre-cast concrete products and services in the industry for over 80 years. Using "proper" design techniques and a strong dedication to customer service SPEC has stood the test of time. Founded in 1922 by Hugh P. Ford, SPEC Industries is the oldest producer of pre-cast concrete products in the Northwest and currently in the third generation of management. SPEC is an industry leader, helping create the highest standards for concrete pre-casts used today.

40 years of APWA, ASTM and ACPA involvement allows the company to assist in any design needs you may have. SPEC offers in-house design assistance for specific needs or inquires regarding a variety of concrete products found in the marketplace. Whether you have a design, strength, or industry questions, SPEC is there to assist.

With the manufacturing facilities being consolidated to a newly designed plant in Eugene, Oregon, SPEC is now incorporating the most modern, computerized batching system available in the country; aiming to meet the changing industry standards as it looks to the future. It offers a wide selection of custom or standard pre-cast products and services, and the newly added BaySaver® Stormwater Quality Systems to meet all needs.